This Resource Guide was revised and edited by the François-Xavier Bagnoud (FXB) Center for Health and Human Rights at the Harvard School of Public Health.

The following people drafted, contributed, or commented on materials for the individual chapters of the Guide:

Arlan Fuller, Oscar Cabrera, Angela Duger

1. Patient Care and Human Rights
Angela Duger, Jennifer Leaning, Sarah Dougherty, Judy Overall, Tamar Ezer

2. HIV, AIDS, and Human Rights
Angela Duger, Sarah Dougherty, Till Baeringhausen, Ralf Jurgens

3. TB and Human Rights
Sarah Dougherty, Allan Maleche, Angela Duger, Evan Lyon, Erin Howe, Anya Sarang

4. Harm Reduction and Human Rights
Angela Duger, Damon Barrett, Sarah Dougherty

5. Palliative Care and Human Rights
Angela Duger, Jennifer Leaning, Sarah Dougherty, Tamar Ezer, Dr. Kathy Foley

6. Children’s Health and Human Rights
Nadia Ben-Youssef, Ali Yamin, Angela Duger, Sarah Dougherty, Tamar Ezer

7. Minority Health and Human Rights
Angela Duger, Margareta Matache, Sarah Dougherty, Alina Covaci,
Alphia Abdikeeva, Tamar Ezer

8. LGBTI Health and Human Rights
Claire Mahon, Tim Fletcher, Charles Dallimore, Angela Duger, Sarah Dougherty, Heather Doyle

9. Disability, Health, Community Living and Human Rights
Angela Duger, Heather Adams, Alison Hillman, Tirza Leibowitz, Judith Klein

10. Access to Medicines and Human Rights
Krista Oehlke, S. Katrina Perehudoff, Katrina Geddes, Silvia Ruiz Mancera, Arlan Fuller

Angela Duger served as the project manager and editor for the Resource Guide. In addition, several staff at the FXB Center provided valuable assistance: Jason Korta, Carrie Bronsther, Jessica Moore Kaplan, Benjamin Leaman, and Aubrey Thrane.

We thank James Decker for all of his hard work, dedication and vision in designing the Resource Guide as well as the Resource Guide website.

We also thank all of the organizations who have kindly agreed to be featured as case examples throughout the Resource Guide.