Palliative Care Resources

Palliative Care Resources

A. International Instruments



B. Regional Instruments


C. Other Statements and Declarations

D. Palliative Care as a Human Right

E. Palliative Care – General Resources

F. Essential Medicines and Human Rights

G. Litigation and Legal Services

H. Key Populations – Cancer Patients

I. Key Populations – Children

J. Key Populations – Older Persons

K. Key Populations – End-of-Life Care

L. Key Populations – HIV and AIDS Patients

M. Key Populations – People Who Use Drugs

N. Key Populations – TB Patients

O. Multimedia

  • Human Rights Watch, “Right to Relief: Palliative Care in India” [3 minute video on need to integrate palliative care into routine health care] (2009).
  • Human Rights Watch, “Jethro’s Story” and “Sammy’s Story,” Voices for Palliative Care in Kenya [short advocacy video on children’s lack of access to pain medication in Kenya] (2010).
  • International Palliative Care Resource Center, “Treat the Pain” Project [25 short advocacy videos focused on the global epidemic of untreated pain] (2011).
  • International Palliative Care Resource Center, “LIFE Before Death” Project [25 short advocacy videos focused on the need for palliative and end-of-life care] (2011).
  • New Media Advocacy Project (N-MAP), “Access to Palliative Care in Armenia” [5 minute advocacy video] (2012).
  • Open Society Foundations, “50 milligrams is not enough”[13 minute advocacy video on terminal illness and freedom from pain] (2011).
  • Open Society Georgia Foundation, “Human Rights and Palliative Care” [13 minute video on legal advocacy and support for palliative care in Georgia] (2011). .

P. Advocacy and Training Manuals


Q. Websites