Minority Health Resources

Minority Health Resources

A. International Instruments



B. Regional Instruments

(The European Union (EU) and the Council of Europe (COE) represent separate and distinct jurisdictions. While EU member states are automatically bound by EU instruments, COE member states are not bound by COE instruments unless they choose to be. Additionally, COE members are not necessarily EU members, and COE instruments are not binding on the EU itself.)

Council of Europe (COE) Binding

Council of Europe (COE) Nonbinding

European Union (EU) 

European Union (EU) Nonbinding

Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) 

C. Other Declarations and Statements

D. Minority Rights – General

E. Right to Non-Discrimination

F. Right to Health

G. Right to Education

(See also “Rights of Minority Children” and Chapter 6: Children’s Health and Human Rights)

H. Right to Participate in Public Life

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I. Right to Bodily Integrity

J. Rights of Minority Women

K. Rights of Minority Children

(See also “Right to Education” and Chapter 6: Children’s Health and Human Rights)

L. Rights of the Roma

M. Training Guides and Manuals

N. Websites

O. Websites focused on Roma rights