Resources on disability and human rights

Resources on Disability and Human Rights

Research Tips
A good starting point for general information on the CRPD is the UN Enable website ( This is the official website of the Secretariat for the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities located within the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs. This website features recent events and publications from UN sources as well as information, publications and links on thematic areas relating to disability and human rights. The home page also provides an option to sign up for the UN Enable Newsletter.

The UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities also maintains a website ( with links to its latest events, reports, jurisprudence and external links.

A. International instruments

B. Regional Instruments – Europe

C. Regional Instruments – Other

D. Disability and Human Rights – General

E. Health Care and Disability

  • European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, Inequalities and multiple discrimination in access to quality healthcare (March 2013).
  • Human Rights Watch, Involuntary Treatment: The Invisible Health Care Crisis (Mar 5, 2013).
  • Shakespeare T et al, “Disability and training of health professionals,” The Lancet 374, no. 9704 (November 2009): 1815-1816.
  • Stein MA, Stein P, Weiss D and Lang R, “Health care and the UN Disability Rights Convention” The Lancet 374, no. 9704 (November 2009): 1796-1798.
  • Stein M, Lord J and Weiss D, “Equal Access to Health Care under the UN Disability Rights Convention,” in Rhodes R et al. eds., Medicine and Social Justice Essays on Distribution and Care (Oxford University Press, 2012).
  • Tomlinson M et al, “Research priorities for health of people with disabilities: an expert opinion exercise” The Lancet 374, no. 9704 (2009): 1857-1962.
  • WHO, “Disability and Health” (2012).

F. Disability and Reproductive and Sexual Health

G. Education and Disability

H. Torture, Violence and Abuse and Disability

I. Women and Girls with Disabilities

J. Children with Disabilities

K. HIV/AIDS and Disability

L. Disability and Development

M. Community Living – General

N. Community Living – Europe

O. Supported Decision Making

P. Resource Guides and Periodicals

Q. Toolkits

  • Disabled Peoples’ International (DPI), Ratification and Implementation Toolkits (2008).
      • Advocates can use the DPI Ratification Toolkit as a guide to the process of working with their national government to sign and ratify the CRPD. The accompanying implementation Toolkit offers guidance to advocates on how to ensure that their country full implements the CRPD.
  • European Coalition for Community Living, Creating Successful Campaigns for Community Living: An advocacy manual for disability organizations and service providers (2008).
  • World Health Organization, WHO Quality Rights Toolkit (2012).
      • Based upon the CRPD, this toolkit provides resources and tools aimed at improving the quality and human rights standards in mental health and social care facilities.

R. Websites – General

S. Websites – Community Living